Friday, February 19, 2010

4 8 15 16 23 42

4 - Locke
8 - Reyes
15 - Ford
16 - Jarrah
23 - Shepard
42 - Kwon
I know I'm just banging my head against the wall trying to analyze Lost which is why I usually don't, but it struck me how the "big reveal" of each of the numbers being attached to a different Oceanic survivor doesn't make any sense. First off, not sure if that was planned as a "big reveal" or not. It is new information that Jacob was behind the numbers being important, but the way they use them doesn't make any sense. The thing (one of the things that continuously gets me about Lost) is that if the creators really knew what they were doing and had this stuff planned out from the beginning it easily COULD have made sense.

The numbers add up to 108, as in "you have to push the button every 108 minutes". Alright. That's cute, but so far doesn't actually mean anything.

On the other hand, Oceanic flight 815 also uses the numbers and since we now know that each number equals a person that means Oceanic flight 815 could, in a way, mean Hurley and Sawyer. That probably doesn't mean anything since this whole thing coming down to Hurley and Sawyer seems highly unlikely.

However, if they had this stuff worked out, it could have been Oceanic flight 108, which, being the total of all the numbers put together would work on a symbolic level that these people were all important and destiny brought them together to be on the flight.

You could also have switched the "108 minutes" thing in the hatch to every "234 minutes", which would still have meant nothing back in season 2, but now we'd understand it to be Jack and Locke and it would be symbolic of how Locke needed Jack to help him with the button. And that would been awesome. And if 234 minutes was too long, they could just have assigned Jack and Locke different numbers to get whatever length of time they wanted.

Sure, on some level it's still dream logic, but it would have been cool. Instead we have this big reveal in the cave that really means nothing more than seeing the numbers on the hatch door. It's weird and makes you think "wow, what does THAT mean", but then it just sorta fades into the distance as we move on to our next weirdly performance art scene of people not telling each other any relevant piece of information.

I was also struck by the new hot woman who is leaving the beach to go to the temple. It reminded me of that bit from those Star Trek reviews where the ensign brings up a bunch of great questions to Picard. When that woman starts to head off shouldn't someone just stop and go, "Wait, who are you again? Should we be following you? Did you know that plane was going to crash? How do you know about the Temple? Have you been here before? And where did you get Locke's body? How did you even KNOW about his body? Do you work for someone? You know, everyone who we've come in contact with since arriving on this island, whether they were here first or came after us have been highly dangerous and usually tries to kill us. Are you going to kill us? Do you know who Jacob is? Do you know why there are 2 Lockes? Do you know WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? Because you seem to know shit. Do you want to tell us?"

Oh well!

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