Sunday, January 31, 2010

Obama can see the end of his presidency from his house

I am not a Barack Obama fan. I'm not a democrat. If forced to label myself, I'm a progressive; a liberal, if the term hadn't been tarnished by both the republicans, who use the word as a slur, and the democrats, who give the label its awful connotation of cowardice, incompetence, and corruption.

Obama's hysterically awful presidency may not give us anything tangibly helpful, but just like he's followed Bush's lead on everything else, Obama sure can bring the laughs.

With the first anniversary of the deadline for a health care bill coming up in August (Mission Accomplished!) we've watched for a year as Obama and his trusty band of democrats collapsed into themselves like a dying star. Now health care reform is on the back burner on life support or something. So the democrats, in their typical coordination style of a hundred blind, retarded cats trying to flee a burning building, are releasing various confused talking points, trial balloons, and attempts at spin to save their alleged agenda.

What I've gathered is this: They will get back to health care because it's very important, but they're changing their focus to a jobs bill because it's all about job creation, and in conjunction with that they will focus on fixing the banking industry and all the bailout problems, also there's going to be a spending freeze and serious efforts at deficit reduction, and then also, health care reform.

After reading several days of this stuff and feeling deja vu I realized what the democrats' current game plan reminded me of:

Voting for "leaders" in the united states is like playing russian roulette with every chamber filled.

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